What is Laser Discectomy?

Laser discectomy is a minimally invasive disc procedures used for treating herniated lumbar discs.

Laser Discectomy procedure is when a long needle passed from the side of the back into the disc under the X-ray guidance. A laser probe is then passed through the needle and it works by evaporating the tissue informant of the tip of the needle and that makes the bulging part to shrink.

How Effective is Laser Discectomy?

A man in his 40th had lower back pain and right side leg pain for more than 4 month. He tried medication and physiotherapy, but the pain didnĀ“t improve.

His MRI showed a disc prolapse in his lower back pressing on one of the nerves on the right side. He had nerve root injection which gave him relief for less than one week before the pain came back again.

We discussed together his MRI and his pain problem and I found that his bulging disc type can be treated with a minimally invasive procedure (Laser Discectomy) which can be done under sedation and local anaesthetics.

He was mobilised few hours after the procedure and went home same day with no leg pain. We were very pleased with his swift recovery, and he left our clinic a very happy man.

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