Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower Back Pain

The majority of individuals experience lower back pain (of varying degrees) at some point in their lives. The cause and treatment for lower back pain is often unclear to patients. This is where a spinal surgeon comes in. A spinal surgeon will do a thorough analysis in order to rule out any serious causes of lower back pain in the patient. This helps in offering reassurance that the individual is not at any serious risk and is unlikely to harm his/her back when using it.

What causes Lower Back Pain?
There are many causes for lower back pain. Muscles are the main and common cause. Other causes can be due to wear and tear, hereditary, age, style of life, injury, infection, inflammation of the joints or pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves.

What are the treatments for Lower Back Pain?
Most of lower back pain settles down after a short period of time and can be treated with rest and pain killers. Sometimes it helps having manipulation treatment. If that fails, then further investigation and referral to spinal surgeon is needed.

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