Endoscopic Discectomy Success Story

A patient had back and leg pain since 2019. She tried regular pain killers to ease the pain. Then had physiotherapy and osteopathy treatment which managed to reduce the pain for a short while but the pain came back again. She was depended on stronger pain killers.

She had an MRI and showed a bulging disc in her lower back pressing on one of the nerves going down her left leg. She had a nerve root injection which gave her relief for 2-3 weeks before the pain came back again.

She contacted us and we offered her surgical intervention. After discussing the procedure with her and the risk and expectation of the surgery, she decided to go ahead with the surgery.

She had an endoscopic surgery, by making a small incision of less than 1 cm and using a portal with a camera and other working instrument going through the portal. We managed to take the bulging part of the disc away and relief the pressure on the nerve. Few hours after the surgery, she was walking with almost no leg pain. She went home later that evening.

You can imagine how happy she was after almost a year of server pain in her back and left leg. Another success story we are all very proud of.